My approach consists of two phases: vision and alignment. 

In the vision phase, I work through a collaborative and individually tailored method to organize and edit visual assets. 
In alignment, I help guide my clients towards the projects and relationships that will best help them grow. 




Printed Portfolios


Personal Projects



Promo &


Consulting on image selection for promotional material and mailers

Client strategy




Image Branding

Connecting photographers to projects

On Set Direction

Project management and cost consulting




I curate libraries of contemporary images specifically for your brand, photographed by visual artists who specialize in travel, food, design, and interiors.  The strong personal network I maintain includes the best photographers in the business. These are artists I have known and trust, and with whom I have a successful collaborative history.

I pair your brand with a photographer best suited for your specific visual needs and provide production and creative direction to create beautiful images for your library.