After photographer and or agent and I have discussed visual direction, photographer will send me low res images in folders organized by category - the categories don’t have to be final, but this is a good jumping off point.

 I will edit the strongest images from each folder and create new folders with my edit. I will send the edit to photographer and agent for final review before I sequence.   This last review allows for and subtractions or additions.

 I will sequence each category and create a pdf of the final.

 My day rate is $600 - I can usually edit all first round images in one day, depending on how many I get, and sequencing is usually a half-day process.  Most edits take no more than 2 days, again depending on how many images I receive.


Anna Williams

Christopher Testani

Chris Craymer

Matt Hranek

Anders Overgaard

Fabio Chizzola

Rob Howard

Sarah Laird & Good Company

Exposure New York

Vaughn Hannigan

Dalton Artists

Edge Reps

The Atlantic

Conde Nast Traveler

Yahoo Health