My strength is helping clients visualize and strategize a path that best serves their objectives. 

I have 20+ years experience working with award winning content creators across various platforms. I help my clients connect to the work that shape their brands.  I have developed and maintained a wide range of professional relationships and built a broad network of contacts in both publishing and advertising. I draw upon this network to create possibility for my clients and produce new and fresh visual assets.



Alex Lau
Anders Overgaard
Anna Williams
Rob Howard
Christopher Testani
Randy Harris
Eric Ogden
Michael Lavine
Chris Craymer
Allison Michael Orenstein
Paola + Murray
Johnny Fogg
Jason Rothenberg
Ken Kochey
Noe Dewitt
Abbey Drucker
Stephanie Diani
Paul Costello
Fabio Chizzola
Pamela Duncan Silver
Anna Gambuto
Kate Mathis
Tosca Radigonda



Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda
Viceroy Hotel at Sugar Beach
Yahoo Health
The Atlantic
Condé Nast Traveler
Real Simple Magazine
Outside Magazine


Bon Appétit
Dalton Artists
Sarah Laird & Good Company
Exposure NY
Vaughn Hannigan
Edge Reps
Jennifer Hutz, Inc.
Martha Stewart Weddings